Discover the Ultimate Urban Living Experience at Zion Road Condominium, Singapore – Unbeatable Access to Shopping & Dining

The Great World City Condo is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to enjoy the best of what Singapore has to offer. Its strategic location provides effortless access to the best shopping and dining in the city. Whether residents choose to immerse themselves in the luxurious malls, unique boutiques, fine dining restaurants, or local culinary delights, they will be able to experience the city in style. With its convenient location and top-notch amenities, living at Zion Road Condo is more than just an address, but a gateway to an unrivaled Singaporean lifestyle.

The Zion Road Condominium lies in a strategic location, providing its residents with easy access to all the stunning shopping options and delicious eateries in Singapore. Whether residents are looking for bustling malls, unique boutiques, gourmet restaurants, or hawker centres, they will be able to find something for everyone and every taste. With the high-end convenience of the condo, living here becomes more than just a place of residence, but a gateway to the best that Singapore has to offer. Zion Road Condo allows its residents to gain first-hand experience of the diverse and vibrant shopping and dining scene, making it the ultimate urban living experience.

Pre-school education in the area is well provided for, with several respected kindergartens and child-care centres in the vicinity. On Mohamed Sultan Road, there is the Eton House Pre-School, which offers an investigatory approach to instruction for children. Additionally, located nearby is the Modern Montessori Pre-School which provides a program focused on the Montessori system of instruction. For those in search of daycare services, Pat’s Schoolhouse at River Valley is a popular selection due to its comprehensive bilingual curriculum and strong commitment to creative learning.

Zion Road Condo boasts outstanding connectivity for private vehicle owners. Perfectly situated close to expansive expressways such as the Central Expressway (CTE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), which offer speedy and direct access to different corners of Singapore, the condo is just a brief drive from the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), guaranteeing fast and simple connection to the Marina Bay Financial Centre and other business districts in the south.

Residents of the Zion Road Condo can take advantage of the treasure trove of local goods, quaint boutiques, and old-fashioned medicine shops found nearby in the historic Chinatown. During Lunar New Year, they can also partake in the cultural festivities or sample local delicacies such as Bak Kut Teh and Satay at the Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

Strategically located in Singapore’s vibrant River Valley area, Zion Road Condo is home to an array of shopping and dining experiences, making for an exquisite living experience. Shopping centres and restaurants in close proximity to the residence offer a remarkable selection of retail options and gastronomic flavours for the residents to enjoy.

The Singapore Government is highlighting the significance of green spaces and recreational facilities in urban settings with its Master Plan. This involves creating more parks and open spaces near the Singapore River and its tributaries to build a green corridor. This will not only make the area more attractive, but will also enable people living in Zion Road Condo and its vicinity to enjoy a healthier and greener lifestyle.
From Thai to Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, and more, whatever the cuisine of choice, it’s easy to find something that’s just a few clicks away. Additionally, there are also vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, as well as other healthy meal options. Furthermore, residents can also order from grocery stores to have their favorite items delivered directly to their homes. With so many options available, it’s no wonder residents of the area surrounding Zion Road Condo can enjoy convenient, delicious food delivery.

Residents of the Zion Road Condo area are in luck when it comes to food delivery. Thanks to the abundance of food delivery apps, a wide selection of restaurants and cuisine can be ordered right to their door. Everything from Thai to Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican and more are just a few clicks away. As an added bonus, there are also vegan and vegetarian-friendly options for those looking for a healthier meal. Grocery stores can also be ordered from to have your favorite items delivered right away. With such an array of delivery options, the Zion Road Condo area provides great convenience and delicious food to its residents.

The URA Master Plan for Zion Road Condo puts a focus on boosting connectivity. One key element of this plan is the construction of a brand new station on the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line (TEL), the Great World City MRT station, which will be located just a short distance from Zion Road Condo. This station will give residents better access to the city and wider locations, making commuting easier and increasing the Condo’s desirability.

The addition of cycling paths and pedestrian-friendly walkways to the area has further improved the connectivity for local residents. Not only do they offer alternative methods of transport, but they also promote a healthier and sustainable way of life.

Located in the heart of Singapore, Zion Road Condo offers convenient access to various renowned educational establishments. Notable nearby universities are the Singapore Management University (SMU), which is renowned for its business, law, and social sciences program. Another popular choice is the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), as well as LaSalle College of the Arts, which are revered for their artistic and creative development courses.

The iconic Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Campus is set to undergo a 20-year redevelopment plan to better accommodate the future healthcare needs of the citizens of Singapore, being the largest and oldest hospital in the country. This plan for expansion and upgrading of the nearby healthcare facilities will add to the appeal of Zion Road Condo, offering residents the assurance that their health needs will be met.

For those passionate about cooking, Cold Storage at Great World City and NTUC FairPrice at Orchard Grand Court provide an array of fresh goods, gourmet ingredients, and everyday necessities. Additionally, the local vicinity hosts several specialty stores and markets to fulfill the appetite for rare ingredients or local produce.
Additionally, the area is home to some fantastic local eateries and international chains, as well as some of the city’s best shopping options.

The renowned Clark Quay vicinity is known for its lively nocturnal life and its exceptional dining scene, being only a brief driving distance away. With a plethora of bars, pubs and night clubs, it is the ideal spot for locals seeking to savor Singapore’s night life. Furthermore, the area encompasses a diversity of local eateries as well as overseas franchises together with some of the city’s finest shopping choices.

Located in close proximity to the Zion Road Condo, Orchard Road is the go-to destination for shoppers looking to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. From designer labels to high-end department stores, this famous shopping belt boasts a myriad of luxury retail outlets, all within convenient reach. With numerous malls dotting the area, shoppers are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding something special. Ion Orchard, Paragon, Ngee Ann City, and Plaza Singapura are just some of the many malls located here, and they offer a full range of international luxury brands to meet the needs of the most discerning shoppers.

For those seeking a little respite from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, there are plenty of options to choose from. From outdoor cafes to parks and green spaces, the area promises plenty of opportunities for leisurely strolls and relaxation. The nearby Emerald Hill neighbourhood is a great spot for a nice evening out with friends or family, with its many bars, restaurants and cafes being just a stone’s throw away from the Zion Road Condo.

The Zion Road Condo lies just a stone’s throw away from the renowned Orchard Road shopping belt, a shopping paradise in Singapore famed for its array of high-end malls and designer boutiques. This destination is a favourite amongst fashion and lifestyle aficionados, who flock here in search of the latest international luxuries and retail offerings. Home to malls such as Ion Orchard, Paragon, Ngee Ann City, and Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road provides residents with convenient access to a world of shopping options. After a day of shopping, one can take a break and enjoy the many outdoor cafes, parks and emerald green spaces in the neighbourhood, all within easy reach from the Zion Road Condo.

Residents of Zion Road Condo can enjoy a wide range of amenities designed to help them relax, stay fit, and socialize. Relaxation and pampering can be found at the state-of-the-art fitness center, infinity pool with stunning river views, and the well-equipped spa. For socializing, the community clubhouse and BBQ pits provide an ideal setting to entertain loved ones, while families can take advantage of the children’s playground and other kid-friendly amenities as well.

The abundance of road options provided by arterial River Valley Road and Zion Road, both of which lead to other major roads like Orchard Road and Alexandra Road, helps to disperse traffic, resulting in decreased congestion and smoother journeys for the area’s inhabitants.

Despite its excellent connectivity, the Zion Road Condo has succeeded in preserving the peace and quiet that residents desire in a luxurious residence. Careful planning for road access points and parking facilities lessen noise pollution and traffic disturbances within the residential areas, making for a tranquil living atmosphere.

Residents of Zion Road Condos who desire a more local flavour will be delighted with the nearness to renowned hawker centres like Tiong Bahru Market and Zion Riverside Food Centre. These eateries offer a plethora of inexpensive local fare, delivering an honest flavouring of Singaporean cuisine. From Char Kway Teow to Laksa, Rojak to Chendol; these kiosks are a paradise for local food aficionados.

Residents of Zion Road Condo have the privilege of enjoying the tranquil beauty of the Singapore River and the grandeur of the Great World City skyline. Relaxing strolls along the riverfront promenade, peaceful picnics in the nearby parks, and a range of water activities are available to those living in this luxurious residence, allowing them to revel in the connectivity between nature and modern living. Zion Road Condo is not merely a place of dwelling, but a gateway to a multitude of unique outdoor experiences.

Surrounded by the Zion Road Condo, Great World City is a must-visit shopping centre. With more than 400,000 square feet of retail space, the six-storey mall showcases a variety of shopping stores, F&B outlets and lifestyle options. Fashion lovers can find their favourite brands like ZARA and H&M, while those in search of home appliances can explore stores such as Harvey Norman. Shopping apart, the mall also houses a Golden Village cineplex and Cold Storage supermarket to meet entertainment and grocery needs.
The Zion Road Condo is the perfect combination of chic urban living and calming natural beauty.

The Zion Road Condo perfectly integrates urban sophistication and peaceful serenity. Its soaring towers are designed with smooth contours and vast floor-to-ceiling windows for an unbroken view of the Singapore River and Great World City. Thoughtfully planned spaces generate a spacious setting within each unit, plus contemporary features and premier facilities to make living there a luxurious experience. At the Zion Road Condo, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a chic city lifestyle and a tranquil natural atmosphere.

Zion Road Condo serves as an exemplary representation of how one can live in urban areas both luxuriously and conveniently. With excellent transportation options available, commuting in and out of the city is made much easier for its inhabitants, allowing them to fully experience the vibrant city life that Singapore has to offer. Staying at Zion Road Condo essentially means having access to a lifestyle where the city is just a stone’s throw away. It is the epitome of modern urban living, where comfort, luxury, and convenience intertwine perfectly.

The strategic location and meticulous planning of Zion Road Condo are key components of what makes it such an attractive high-end residential property. The impressive transportation networks that have been established are a perfect example of how luxury, convenience, and access can all be achieved in one place. This idealistic balance is at the heart of the Zion Road Condo living experience, embodying a sense of serenity while still remaining connected.

The Zion Road Condo is in a highly desirable, centrally located area that provides families easy access to superb educational institutions. Such establishments range from prestigious local and international schools, to enrichment centres, and higher education institutes. These excellent learning facilities are an asset for young Zion residents, providing them with a top-notch education, while also creating a vibrant and vibrant environment for the community as a whole. This splendid property is the perfect home for families with children of all ages.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Master Plan for the Great World City area envisages a future of progress and enhancement that will bring ample perks to Zion Road Condo. From better connectivity and increased green spaces to the revitalization of Orchard Road and the upgrading of healthcare amenities, these developments will bring substantial value to the property. It’s not just about the physical expansion of the area, but also about creating a sustainable and livable environment – a testament to Singapore’s dedication to equitably blending urban growth with quality living.

The URA is committed to the ongoing rejuvenation of the central district and its environs, such as Great World City, in order to keep the neighbourhood vibrant and attractive to potential buyers. This long-term development plan is sure to increase the desirability of properties like the Zion Road Condo.

Robertson Quay, just a short stroll away, is a vibrant area great for outdoor dining with a wonderful view. This riverside spot boasts an impressive selection of eateries and pubs, serving up an array of international cuisines in a lively atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a relaxed evening.

In the vicinity of the Zion Road Condo, a delicious platter of restaurants awaits. Along River Valley Road and its adjacent streets, a variety of eateries can be found, offering a comprehensive global gastronomic journey. For an authentic Japanese experience, sushi bars abound. Italian trattorias, Indian curry houses, and French patisseries entice those with diverse cravings. Of particular renown is the Boon Tong Kee restaurant on Zion Road, which serves the celebrated Hainanese Chicken Rice, a dish that must be sampled by anyone passionate about food.

Families residing at Zion Road Condo have the incredible advantage of being located only a few kilometres from a choice of prestigious international schools. The Overseas Family School is an International Baccalaureate World School, providing a widely accepted curriculum from early years right through to high school. In addition, ISS International School and Chatsworth International School are both held in high regard for their progressive multicultural education programmes and strong academic standards.

When it comes to city living, privacy can be hard to come by. But Zion Road Condo has taken measures to provide a secluded living experience, with its design features emphasizing privacy for its occupants. Building placement and incorporation of screens, shades, and other design features ensures that residents can enjoy their private space while still having openness and views of the outdoors.

Positioned in close quarters to pivotal transportation networks, Zion Road Condo allows its inhabitants to take pleasure in the advantages of availability and mobility that are fundamental for the contemporary urban lifestyle. An integral element of this linkage is its vicinity to the Great World Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station. Singapore’s astutely structured city infrastructure is highlighted by its MRT network, which offers citizens with the comfort of convenient travel around the nation. The Great World MRT station, belonging to the Thomson-East Coast Line, offers direct access to predominant business centres, entertainment areas and other housing quarters.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore continually develops and revamps the Master Plan – a comprehensive land use plan for guiding Singapore’s development over the next 10 to 15 years. This plan sets out the permitted land use and the extent of development for distinct parts of Singapore, calculating the progression of the city. The URA Master Plan for the area surrounding Great World City, including the Zion Road Condo, outlines a host of stimulating development plans that will significantly increase the appeal and value of this luxurious residential property.

Located at the heart of Singapore’s vibrant River Valley, Zion Road Condo is the epitome of luxury living. Its strategic location, exceptional architecture and array of amenities add to its appeal. But it is the condo’s exceptional connectivity via public transport networks and car routes that make it especially attractive to city dwellers. This convenient transportation access allows for easy commuting while preserving its tranquil and private atmosphere.

Residents of the Zion Road Condominium looking for an intimate dining experience will be delighted by the diverse selection of small bistros and cafés in the neighbourhood. For a cozy coffee shop, try Common Man Coffee Roasters, or for a trendy brunch spot, Forty Hands is an excellent choice. Further, for artisanal baked goods, Tiong Bahru Bakery is sure to satisfy. All around, the area offers plenty of options for casual get-togethers with friends or an afternoon to oneself.

What makes Zion Road Condo truly special is its harmonious blend of urban and natural landscapes. It features generous green spaces both within and outside the building, providing a serene refuge amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Residents can enjoy the lush garden terraces, the rooftop vegetation, and private balcony gardens, creating a unique bond with nature.

In line with the vision to make Singapore a “City in a Garden”, the Master Plan for Zion Road Condo proposes an increase in community spaces, park connectors, and cycling paths. These new additions will greatly enhance the Alexandra Canal Linear Park, a green sanctuary ideal for leisurely activities such as jogging, cycling, and strolling. The residents of Zion Road Condo will be able to enjoy improved access to recreational spaces, allowing them to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
With its serene atmosphere and great accessibility, the Zion Road Condo is a great place to call home.

The Zion Road Condo is surrounded by an abundance of shopping and dining choices that cater to a wide array of preferences and requirements. In combination with the exceptional access provided by the condo, this creates a comfortable and thrilling lifestyle for residents. From exquisite shopping to more economical retail, fine cuisine or delectable street food, everything is just a step away. Not only that, but its tranquil atmosphere and easy access make the Zion Road Condo the perfect place to call home.

Zion Road Condo, situated in a advantageous spot along the serene Singapore River, has gained recognition as a symbol of high-class city life in Singapore. This exquisite residential development is an example of ingenuity with its lush greenery and its capacity to offer an unrivalled level of opulence while granting the inhabitants easy access to the vibrant city.

Those looking to enjoy a meal on Orchard Road have a vast selection to choose from. Whether you prefer fast-food or gourmet cuisine, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your palate. The food courts located in Ion Orchard and Ngee Ann City offer a plethora of local and Asian dishes, while upscale eateries like Lawry’s The Prime Rib and Les Amis ensure a luxurious dining experience.

The authorities have also drawn up a plan to revamp the iconic Orchard Road shopping belt, recognised as one of the world’s most renowned shopping destinations. The intention is to reimagine Orchard Road and turn it into a lifestyle destination offering shopping, dining and cultural experiences. Zion Road Condo is located close to Orchard Road, making it easy for residents to take advantage of this revitalised area, to enjoy its broad array of retail and entertainment options and relish in the neighbourhood’s vibrancy.

For those seeking high-quality secondary education, there are many excellent options conveniently located near Zion Road Condo. Outram Secondary School is especially renowned for its commitment to developing students’ character and furthering academic excellence. Meanwhile, Gan Eng Seng School has a long-standing reputation for providing an educational environment that fosters both intellectual and personal growth.

For those staying at Zion Road Condo, the convenient bus network with stops at Zion Road and not far from River Valley Road makes sure they can get to any segment of Singapore. The bus routes are linked to a lot of places in the Central Business District (CBD), Marina Bay, Orchard Road, and further, suiting the varying travel needs of the condo residents.

Parents of Zion Road Condo who are looking for enrichment programs for their little ones will be advantaged by the nearby availability of The Learning Lab at United Square, offering educational enrichment and tuition services for pupils of all ages. Similarly, Julia Gabriel Centre and Hua Language Centre are within reach too, furnishing courses directed at speech and drama and Chinese instruction respectively.

Zion Road Condo is conveniently located with excellent access to public transport. The popular Redhill MRT station, a stone’s throw away, links the development to the East-West Line, enabling commuters to move efficiently around Singapore. Furthermore, the Orchard MRT station is a short distance away, connecting Zion Road Condo to the North-South Line. The upcoming Havelock MRT station, part of the Thomson-East Coast Line, will provide an additional transport option for Zion Road Condo residents, providing further convenience.

The educational landscape has been further broadened through the establishment of specialized institutions, such as the School of The Arts (SOTA), catering for those with an artistic bent, and the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) with its wide range of diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.

For those seeking an unusual shopping experience, Tiong Bahru, just a stone’s throw from Zion Road Condo, is the place to be. Boasting an old-world charm, the area is home to a number of boutique stores and craft stores, offering a varied selection of fashion, homeware, and gifts. Those with more mundane needs can take advantage of the neighbouring Tiong Bahru Plaza, which houses a supermarket, banks, and a variety of retail outlets.

The Zion Road Condo offers many benefits to its private car owners, with its secure parking space providing easy access to the residential towers. The design of the parking area is efficient and ensures space optimisation, making it the perfect addition to the living experience at the condominium.

The Zion Road Condo stands as a symbol of the possibility for creating urban spaces that unite luxury, nature, and convenience. The remarkable quality of the interior design, coupled with the beautiful views of the Singapore River, provides direct access to the city’s finest amenities, as well as relaxing moments sampling the peacefulness of the waterfront. Such a unique combination One Sophia of the hustle and bustle of the city alongside the tranquility of the natural environment makes this residence unparalleled in terms of luxury living.

The strategic location of Zion Road Condo makes it an excellent choice for connectivity. With its proximity to the Great World MRT station, getting to the rest of Singapore is made much easier. Shopping lovers should definitely take note of the convenient distance to Great World City and the well-known Orchard Road shopping area. Parents with kids will be enthused to find that some prestigious schools, like River Valley Primary School and Overseas Family School, are also within reach.

Situated in Singapore’s distinguished River Valley district, Zion Road Condo is a paragon of luxurious living. In addition to offering an enviable lifestyle, the condo is conveniently located close to a range of esteemed educational institutions from primary to tertiary level, making it an ideal setting for families to raise their children.
It offers a dedicated faculty of passionate teachers, providing a personalized learning experience to each student.

Arguably one of the most important educational establishments near Zion Road Condo is River Valley Primary School. Well-known for its high educational standards and comprehensive teaching approach, River Valley Primary has established itself as a top primary school in Singapore. Due to its convenient location, it is a popular choice among families living in Zion Road Condo. Boasting a dedicated faculty of enthusiastic educators, River Valley Primary provides a tailored learning experience for each student.

Zion Road Condo is fortunate to have a wealth of dining options nearby. From restaurants and eateries to food courts, the area has it all – featuring an extensive selection of local delights and international fares. Even Great World City’s food court is something special, providing a real smorgasbord of foods to sate one’s appetite.
Furthermore, with the wide array of recreational and entertainment facilities around the condo, residents can easily enjoy the city’s vibrant energy, whilst still maintaining their privacy and peacefulness. All in all, the Zion Road Condo is sure to provide residents with an exquisite living experience.

In conclusion, the Zion Road Condo offers an ideal combination of convenience and luxury, making for an ideal home for those who commute regularly. Its impressive transportation connectivity seamlessly links inhabitants to the city’s many recreational and entertainment options, allowing them to easily keep up with the vibrant energy of the city while still enjoying a peaceful and private living environment. All in all, the Zion Road Condo is sure to provide its residents with a remarkably comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

The Zion Road Condominium occupies a spot in the River Valley District, an area in Singapore renowned for its combination of metropolitan style and serene natural views. Home to an eclectic environment of gastronomy, entertainment and retail, the particular neighbourhood provides the perfect backdrop for the Zion Road Condo’s features and atmosphere.