The detailed description given in this website was only meant to inform and represent the architect’s vision of the developments. This means that all the information contained in the website has to be approved by the local authorities. Additionally, the architect or in this case the developer is free to make any alterations without notifying the involved parties. There is no proof or otherwise no legal document that binds the website to produce politically correct information. Hence, the developer of the website isn’t to blame if the information he or she provides in the website is isn’t adequate.

Since there are many construction possibilities, the measurements provided in the drawing plans are different. You will thus notice that there are striking differences between the actual development and the drawing in the website. As mentioned earlier, the developer is free to make any changes he or she deems fit for the designs as he or she constructs. The alterations made could range from adding to modifying.

Just like other things used in the website, the plan used in the interior designs of the images showed are also a way of representing the developments made. Thus everything for instance the furniture, landscaping, electronics and accessories used as part of the interior design are only meant to showcase the residential plan. The developer is no way liable to provide the displayed amenities. It is therefore important to realize that the facilities meant for recreation are part of the developer’s mandated area.

Any prospective buyer is required to educate themselves of the actual plans and all the necessary information as the views available on the website differ from time to time and also the info on the website wasn’t meant to act on behalf of the real plan. In addition to this, the website doesn’t provide the guidelines that would govern the relationship between the purchasers and the developer. In the agreement, between these two parties, the prices are based on the rate.

The purchaser is reminded that the website isn’t in fact a legal document, rather it was designed to convey the developer’s ideas. Thus he or she shouldn’t treat the website as legal binding. Another thing that they are reminded is that the developer is within his rights if he or she decides to make some architectural changes on the brochure during one of the developmental stages. The changes and improvements made don’t need to be accurate and hence the developer isn’t answerable to the purchaser if the said changes are made.